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Written Test 3

Study for the final written test using the exercises in the ppt below:


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Oral Practice

Study for the final Oral Test.

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Unit 8C: Planning a day out

There are various things you can do in London at the weekend. Let´s have a look at what our book suggests. First there is CHESSINGTON WORLD OF ADVENTURES, an amusement park, like Hopi Hari here in Brazil. Watch the video and decide which ride would be your favourite.

The second suggestion is the REGENT´S PARK. There are a lot of things happening there in the summer: music, theatre,bike rides, bird walks and the LONDON ZOO. You can spend your whole day there.
This is a link to the park: http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/regents_park/
This is a video of the LONDON ZOO. Watch it and try to write down all the animals you can see.

HOMEWORK: Where would you prefer to go on a Sunday, to Chessington world of Adventures or to Regent´s Park? Why?

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Unit 8B: A trip to THAILAND

lET´S continue our trip, this time we´re going to Thailand. What a paradise! This is a video of PHUKET, two weeks before it was hit by a Tsunami. See how beautiful it is, or was...

What´s the capital of Thailand? If you said Bangkok, you´re right. Watch this video and learn more about this beautiful country.

HOMEWORK: What can you see and do in Phuket and Bangkok? Write your answers in the comments area. Which one did you like the most?

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Unit 8A : Holiday USA

Let´s travel to SAN FRANCISCO. Fasten your seatbelts because we´re going by plane.

WELCOME! What can you see and do there?

A Virtual Walk on Golden Bridge (caminhada virtual)

EXTRA: prepositions of place (Halloween theme) Very Good!

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Unit 7C : THE NEWS

Watching the news is an important part of everyone´s life. What´s happening in the world?
Watch this news about "Technology in the classroom".

Now watch this CNN Report. What´s it about? Which words did you understand?